Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre

by Current 93




Michael Cashmore
Phoebe Cheshire
Steven Stapleton
David Tibet
David Kenny

Sleeve Notes:

Jesus said: I am the light which is over them all, I am the all. It was from me that the all came forth, and it is to me that the all has reached. Split a piece of wood - I am there. Lift the stone and you will find me there.

Gospel of Thomas, Saying 77

Noe say her eyes portenders are
Of ruine or some blazing starre

OF RUINE OR SOME BLAZING STARRE (The Broken Heart Of Man) was written between April 1991 and September 1993, and is to be regarded as one piece.

Michael Cashmore: guitars, bass, drums, glockenspiel, sounds; Phoebe Cheshire: spoken and sung vocals; Steven Stapleton: guitars, drones, and bric-a-brac arrangements; Starspace: bass on IV; David Tibet: vocals, sounds.

This album is dedicated to the souls of: William Lawes (1602-1645), Charles Sims (1873-1928), Louis Wain (1860-1939) and HR Wakefield (1888-1964).

All initial melodies except those noted below by Michael Cashmore, with 93 developments and additions by David Tibet and Steven Stapleton, except:

II: adapted from "Pavan 'The Funerals'" by Anthony Holborne (1545 - 1602); III: adapted from "Lament For Arnhem" by Calum Ruadh; VII: adapted from "Cantio Ad Laudem Cantioris: Annus Novus in Gaudio" from the liturgical chant of the Acquitaine repertory; VIII: adapted from the work of the anonymous composer from Le Receuil des Plus Belles et Excellentes Chansons en Forme de Voix de Ville (1526).
The album title is taken from the song "Beauty In Eclipsia" by Wiliam Lawes, with words by Sir Henry Moody.
All lyrics by David Tibet, except VIII by Pierre de Ronsard. The spoken text by Phoebe Cheshire in I and VIII is by Louis Wain, and was written by him in pencil on the back of two paintings made by him during his final years in Napsbury Asylum, which are in the collection of David Tibet. Coptic Translation by David Tibet.
Engineered by David Kenny. Mixed by Steven Stapleton with David Tibet and Michael Cashmore. Produced by Current 93. Remastered in 2006 by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering. All songs (c) Current 93 1994/2007 and (p) David Tibet 1994/2007. Front cover image: "Another Attempt At Man's Last Pretence Of Consummation In Indifference" by Charles Sims. Back cover image: "Man's Last Pretence Of Consummation In Indifference' by Charles Sims. Photograph of Steven, David and Michael by Ruth Bayer. The holograph text is by Louis Wain, and shows the words to the spoken "Willows" section on VIII. Cover design and layout by David Tibet and Paul Jackson.
My love to: Mark Logan, Michael Cashmore, Steffi Thiel, Jhonn Balance, Peter Christopherson, Ossian Brown, Starfish, Paul Jackson, Denis Blackham, Paul Cheshire, Phoebe Cheshire, all at Cooloorta, Shirley Collins, Father Kosma Afanasyev, Sister Benedicta Wallace OSB, Barbara Emmel, Stephen Emmel and Andria Degens.
Thankyou all

David Tibet, March 2007, Hastings.

In this world we run our rase
God grante us to be with Christ in
tyme and space

Memorial tablet in Chaldon Church, early seventeenth century


released January 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Current 93 Hastings, UK

David Michael Tibet is the founder of the Hallucinatory Patripassianist rock group Current 93 as well as the new sphere, MYRNINEREST.

Born in Malaysia in 1960, David has created a unique, highly influential and extraordinarily powerful body of work – spanning music, painting, poetry and translation.
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