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Nature Unveiled (remaster)

by Current 93




David Tibet
Steven Stapleton
John Fothergill
John Murphy
Annie Anxiety
Nick Rogers

Sleeve Notes:

Nature Unveiled: Antichrist Revealed

Falling back through the years: Capvt Iniqvorvn.
Nunc dinittis.
And there, and there: In a foreign town in a foreign land;
Repaing time had come.
Standing unveiled before Him who shed His Own Blood is the Little Horn, from Angingnart
descending, who shed other's blood.
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
Surely the Thousand Year Reign of The Mystical Body of Christ Himself is about to commence.
Surely that place and time where all thinjgs rush together has been reached
Yet how much bling night there is in the hearts of men.
(And then he com'th)
How much sadness is yet to fall.
For belief in the innocence of rulers depends on the ignorance of thise ruled.
(And then he com'th)
See the priests and the lords and the rulers and the liars take their predestined sides.
here they come, dressed in their white shrouds; they do not speak, they hold hands.
(And now he com'th)
The Shadow falls.
And Jesus wept.
But look to Chorazim; look to Bethsaida.
For we know who you are.
Pope: Antichrist!
Government: Antichrist!
You lords and clergy: Antichrist!
We declare you Anathema. Excommunicans.
As of old, so it is now.
In illo tempore:

Lacrimosa dies illa. Qva resvrget ex favilla.
dies irae, dies illa.

Ducasse/Christ 777

93 Current 93: This particular manifestation of the Current involved the following individuals: J Murphy; Christ; A. Anxiety; The Youth; S. Stapleton; IHS Tibet IHS; N. Rogers; J. Fothergill; I. Ducasse.

The Current would also like to acknowledge the help and inspiration emanating from the following areas: S. Robertson; F.A Burr; I. Ingram; P. Donnan; F. Häaman; LFD; G. Yorke; A Yorke; S. Pugh; B. Smith; J. Thompson; M. Baker; D. Baker; C. Glover; D. Kenny; M. Fontana; G. Rushton; J. Valls; Iva; R. Haigh; K. Needs; P. Savage; T. Heller; R. Jugg; Fang; Vagina Dentata Organ; Crystal; L. Shapiro; Crass; Rachel; D. Pearce; Bee; Hair by Ross and Paul. Our thanks to M. Hirsig and our lady L.A.Y.L.A.H.; and also to Babs Santini for her beautiful artwork on the cover.
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released January 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Current 93 Hastings, UK

David Michael Tibet is the founder of the Hallucinatory Patripassianist rock group Current 93 as well as the new sphere, MYRNINEREST.

Born in Malaysia in 1960, David has created a unique, highly influential and extraordinarily powerful body of work – spanning music, painting, poetry and translation.
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